Blackout Canon Hub

"Hello? Is anyone there? We need help. The lights just went out."

The backrooms.

An unfeeling, unforgiving nightmare.

The unlucky individuals trapped together inside this soulless illusion have created databases and information using what little resources they have. They use these resources to keep themselves going. To inform others of the dangers lurking in the shadows.

But what if the fundamental systems within the backrooms began shutting down, one by one?


zaskouzaskou - canon owner

what is this canon about?

The Blackout canon is a canon in which the systems within the backrooms mysteriously begin shutting down. It follows several different stories as people try to survive in this new, more dangerous environment.

what is the Blackout?

The Blackout is the shutting down of the systems that keep the backrooms running. Power and electricity turns off, the suns in outdoor levels begin to dim, and the maintenance that keeps things tidy shuts down. Nature reclaims levels over time, making them seem abandoned and overgrown.


Blackout Prologue

The Journey to Tomorrow

Blackout Prologue

The Abyss

The Sun Vanished

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