Level 148
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Class Warzone

  • Contested (Human)
  • No Entites
  • Treacherous Warzone

A tree found on the outskirts of the field in Level 80.

Level Xis the X+1st Level of the backrooms. It is currently a contested warzone.


Level X consists of a small island, about 3 kilometers in length and width. It is always wintertime
in this level, and it frequently snows on the island. The waters around the island has yet to be explored.

The island itself is made up of a large field, with sparse vegetation and trees. Two warehouses can be found on the end


A picture of the beach in Level X.

Within the warehouses there are also large amounts of canned food and almond water, enough to support approximately ~130 people every day. The most common food is canned beans, corn, and corned beef. There is also numerous medical supplies and first aid kits to help the injured. The warehouses all restock approximately 1-3 times a week.

These warehouses also contain dorms, offices, cafeterias, bathrooms,

This Level would be a suitable place to live in if it was not a contested warzone.


M.E.G. Operative Felix Clements

<Begin Log>

Time: 13:32
Date: 20/2/2016
Location: Level X
Interviewer: John Doe
Interviewee: Jane Doe

First Person's Name: Words.

Second Person's Name: More words.

[Some sort of sound effect or action.]

(Continue this as long as you want.)

<End Log>

Result: Lorem Ipsum dolor

In July of 2006, a large group of about 50 people mass-noclipped into this Level. After panicking for a minute because they couldn't find any food and they were getting cold, two people realized they needed order to survive. They needed a leader. Two people who thought they were fit to lead walked to a nearby tree stump and stepped up onto it. After proclaiming their intentions, they realized they both wanted to lead the group. They decided to have a vote. Once everyone voted, they realized it was split exactly in half. Everyone started fighting over who should be leader, and this went on for a few minutes. Then, both leaders walked off in different directions with their group of supporters.

Upon reaching the warehouse at the end of the field, one group realized that there was a large, scarlet-red flag, stuck in the ground, fluttering in the breeze next to the warehouse. The other group found a smaller, aqua-blue flag next to their warehouse. After both groups explored the warehouses and made themselves familiar with their surroundings, they realized that they could forcefully take over the other group using their arsenal of weapons. The group at the scarlet base named themselves The Scarlet Infantry, and the group at the aqua base named themselves the Aqua Marines. Within an hour of entering the Level, a war had broken out between the two groups. Those who did not want to fight fled to the woods and lived there. They have been fighting ever since, with new wanderers who appear in the Level joining the battle or fleeing for the woods.


The Scarlet Infantry

Member Count: 73
Leader: Crimson

The Scarlet Infantry is a group of about 73 people. Their main base of operations is the west warehouse, known as the Ruby Base, and they have several small outposts in the form of shacks and sheds on the west side of the field. They control a big part of the west part of the island. They are known for using various types of rifles and long range sniper guns in battle. They are known for their medics, who do a very good job of cleaning up wounded soldiers. Their leader, Don Kingman, used to be an M.E.G. researcher, but after being trapped in this Level, he has changed a lot.

The Aqua Marines

Member Count: 67
Leader: Aquino

The Aqua Marines is a group of about 67 people. Their leader's nickname is Aquino, and their real name is unknown.

Their main base of operations is the east warehouse, or the Marine Base. They have several small outposts on land and by the seaside. They have less control of the east side of the island, but they have a lot more control of the beaches surrounding the island. It is currently the fastest growing group, and they are also trying to research the waters surrounding the island.

The Peaceful Protesters

Member Count: 19
Leader: Jasper Williams

The Peaceful Protesters is a group of about 19 people. They do not like the idea of going to war and they refuse to join either side, even as medics or researchers. This group is led by Jasper Williams.

Entrances And Exits:


No-clipping into the roof in Level 79 can transport you here. No-clipping into the floor in Level 81 can also transport you here. Finding a door marked with scarlet paint on Level 1 or Level 3 will transport you to the Scarlet warehouse, and finding a door marked with aqua on those Levels will bring you to the Aqua warehouse.


No known exits have been confirmed , but a few people have accidentally no-clipped out of this Level. Attempts to reproduce these exits have failed, as they are unpredictable and inconsistent.

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