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It appears you have stumbled upon my personal sandbox. Good luck trying to figure out what the hell is going on here.

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Greenlit + Uploaded - The article has been greenlit and uploaded.
2.0 - The article is in a 2.0 rework.
In Progress - The article is being written/drafted/added to.
Awaiting Crit - The article is waiting to be critiqued.
Idle - The article is not being worked on.

btw i stole all these tags from MyrandFoxMyrandFox so props to her for making this nice system

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Level 474 | Level 474 | Greenlit + Uploaded
Level 148 | Level 148 | In Progress
Level 87 | Level 87 | 2.0 | Idle
The Echoing Void | The Echoing Void | In Progress | Idle
Arthur's Archives | Arthur's Archives | In Progress | Idle

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